Entertainer Blogger Award

The Entertainer Blogger Award


I would like to thank Luz from Chic Mom for nominating me for this exciting award!

Here are my answers to the interview questions:

What do you hope to gain from blogging?

Unsolicited advice.

What genre of film entertains you the most?

Genre? I’m all about the visuals! I love directors who make films with a quirky or unique visual storytelling style like Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Moonrise Kingdom” or Liev Schrieber’s “Everything is illuminated” …and almost anything Tarantino. When it comes to shows I like gritty masculine dramas with monochromatic color schemes like “Hell on Wheels” and my favorite “The Peaky Blinders”.

Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you to write?

No. Desperation. 😉

Why did you choose your particular WordPress username?

I figured, why choose words that people might actually be searching for when I could make it virtually impossible for anyone to stumble upon my blog by actually using my real name.

What is your favorite book, and why does it speak to you?

“Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity” by Katherine Boo. Fasten your seat-belts when you read this one: you are in for one rough ride! This is a brilliant work of non-fiction. Boo won the MacArthur “Genius” Award –you can’t apply for the award, the foundation just simply surprises the people they think are brilliant enough to make a huge positive social impact and gift them a million dollars to do whatever they want with the money. This book is what Boo did with the money and I think it is brilliant. It is positively groundbreaking in its methodology and style.  (But then, who am I to judge? Read it and decide for yourself.)

What is your favorite song, and why does it speak to you?

I listen to hiphop and pop music.

Last year I was into happy stuff: my favorites were “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Get Lucky Tonight” by Daft Punk. THIS YEAR I’m into the heartrending stuff “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers, Gnash’s “I Love You, I Hate You”.

I always love everything by Lana Del Rey.

I also have a thing for the Australian group Rufus Du Sol (“You were Right” breaks my heart).

In French my favorites musicians are Julien Dore (fucked up lyrics, but), Black M, Stromae (outrageously clever lyrics)…

What is your favorite photograph, and why does it speak to you?

I love black and white photography. One of my favorite photographers is Lee Friedlander. His images speak to me because he captures ironic visual juxtapositions in a number of his works that communicate how he thinks about the world–his pictures aren’t about the aesthetic they’re more like visual criticisms. I also love Margaret Bourke-White’s industrial images. –I just love how she found the beauty in that which isn’t inherently aesthetically pleasing.

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