17 Hitting Bottom “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different?” -C.S. Lewis

I don’t know about you, but when I get depressed, I feel like I’m alone in a long dark tunnel with no light at the end.

It makes me nostalgic for the good times that are now behind me… because even if I don’t know how I’m going to move forward, I remember all the steps that got me where I am.

I’m not a “what if I had made a different choice” kind of person. Just nostalgic, not regretful.

This time though, I mourned having left grad school. Then I reminisced about teaching and researching in Japan. I relived the best moments of traveling in Southeast Asia. I thought fondly about the summer I’d spent at a teacher training college in Africa. And then, I even went all the way back in time to my wild and crazy undergrad years at Bennington and  I settled into deep thought about my Junior Year Abroad in France because, when it comes right down to it, that was the step that really got me where I am now: that is when I met my husband…


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